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Welcome to Institute of Behavioral Psychology

(IBP) Institute of Behavioral Psychology is a psychology based, multipurpose educational center, with offices in Karachi & Washington DC . It is the only one of its kind in South Asia. We offer educational, therapeutic and psychological services for children, youth and adults as well as providing corporate services to Organizations and Industries. At IBP we continuously strive to provide our clients opportunities to discover, learn and experience success, and live their lives to their highest potential.

Our Services

School of Special Education

An International Standard School that provides a wide range of services to 'Special Needs' students.....

School for Slow Learners

The only school of its kind in South East Asia that helps to integrate students with Learning problem....

Therapeutic Services

Meeting the Physical, Social, Emotional & Psychological needs of children, youth & adults....

Remedial Education

Providing innovative teaching methods to help children with learning & emotional problems....

Psychological Services

Providing individuals & family based services for all Mental health issues....

Global Educational Services

Taking the lead to develop professional skills in teachers, both in Pakistan and abroad....

Corporate Services

Providing psychological based solutions to organizations, industries & corporations...

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