Speech and language pathologists (SLPs) or speech therapists are the professionals that oversee speech therapy. It makes it easier to speak and converse. Toddlers may experience speech or language delays as a result of illness, hearing issues, or brain diseases. That’s why speech therapy at Karachi center is carried out for toddlers especially.

This page discusses speech and language development milestones for toddlers as well as the causes of speech abnormalities, diagnosis, what happens in speech treatment, and parenting tips.

Language Development

When a toddler misses a developmental milestone, it’s critical to notice it even if a delay does not always indicate a problem. For babies and toddlers, the following are general recommendations for speech and language development:

7–12 Months

Babies who are seven months old attempt to repeat words they perceive as distinct sounds. By the age of nine months, toddlers can distinguish words for objects, understand rudimentary instructions like “no,” and respond to their names.

Ten to twelve-month-olds obey simple instructions like “give mommy your cup.”

Additionally, they start using basic verbs like “dada” or “bye-bye.”

13–18 Months

By 18 months, a toddler can combine two words and say phrases like “push it.” They frequently communicate through gestures that become more complex over time.

At this age, toddlers begin to recognize objects, body parts, photos, or people. If you ask them, “Where is your nose?” they will be able to point to it.

19–24 Months

Toddlers know and say 50 or more words by the age of 24 months. They begin to construct two- to three. Two-year-olds can usually communicate their needs (for example, “I want more milk”) and follow two-step commands.

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