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    <div><h1>Anushka Kharadi</h1><h1>Headmistress</h1><p><a href='#Anushka' class='team'>Read More</a></p> </div> 

    <div><h1>Sanober Altaf</h1><h1>Psychologist</h1><p><a href='#Sanober' class='team'>Read More</a></p> </div> 

    <div><h1>Rafia Hasan</h1><h1>General Manager Personnel</h1><p><a href='#Rafia' class='team'>Read More</a></p> </div> 

    <div><h1>Shama Jivanjee</h1><h1>Executive Director</h1><p><a href='#Shama' class='team'>Read More</a></p> </div> 

    <div><h1>Farhat Ahmed</h1><h1>Teachers' Coordinator</h1><p><a href='#Farhat' class='team'>Read More</a></p> </div> 

    <div><h1>Habiba Habib</h1><h1>Managing Director</h1><p><a href='#habiba' class='team'>Read More</a></p> </div> 

    <div><h1>Sobia Anwer</h1><h1>Consultant Clinical Psychologist</h1><p><a href='#Sobia' class='team'>Read More</a></p> </div>

Anushka Kharadi


Headmistress / Senior Manager 24 years of experience with IBP

Masters Human Development ; Affiliated with the Institute from its inception, she has helped to set up various Departments of the Organization, including the Speech Therapy section. Currently holds the portfolio of Headmistress, where she supervises the various activities of the School, as well as Senior Manager, where she helps develop and co-conduct training programs for various businesses and multi-nationals (anushka@ibpinternational.com)

Rafia Hasan

General Manager Personnel

22 years of experience with IBP

17 years experience in coordinating admin operations. Proficiency in assigning duties to domestic staff members. Managing IBP's catering department

Sanober Altaf


24 years of experience with IBP

Masters Psychology Conducted, adapted & devised a number of psychological tools for assessing intelligence, diagnostic testing, academic achievement, emotional stability, mental age, autism, ADHD & personality profiles (sanober@ibpinternational.com)

Shama Jivanjee

Executive Director

Graduate-St.Joseph's College

Initiated the development of the Institute of Behavioral Psychology & worked her way to its successful completion Established excellent operational policies and procedures for campus - each department, performance standards of each employee position (shama@ibpinternational.com )

Farhat Ahmed

Teachers' Coordinator

2 years of experience with IBP

Planning & executing working plans for mentally challenged students at IBP. Worked in the capacity of teachers' coordinator for 2 years. (farhat@ibpinternational.com)

Habiba Habib

Managing Director

Mental Health Specialist, University of Chicago

30 years of experience in psychological assessment, developing and conducting hundreds of types of training programs locally as well as internationally. 25 years of experience in establishing institutes and community service centers.(habiba@ibpinternational.com)

Sobia Anwer

Consultant Clinical Psychologist.

Advanced Diploma in Clinical Psychology - Masters in Psychology

-Fellow Member
Royal society of Psychologists Los Angeles, USA
Member to the Centre of rational emotive Behavior Therapy, Dr. Albertellis, USA

IBP Staff
We have Hand Picked our Team Based not only on Qualifications and Experience but also on a Passion to Excel.

Administrative Staff

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