IBP caters to the needs of children from all over Karachi. The school offers a host of different facilities to meet the needs of all our students. These include

Computer Lab

Students are taught to use computers, not only for academic purposes, but also how to use social networking, in order to stay abreast of our hi tech world

School Elevator

Our school is equipped with an elevator for students who cannot use the stairs, thereby ensuring participation of all students in the various activities.

School Library

IBP offers a well stocked library with multimedia facilities. Our students love story time and look forward to their library visits.


School Lunch

Being a full day school, mid-morning snack and lunch is provided by the school. Our snack and meals offer healthy, nutritious choices to our students. The lunch room not only serves as a place for our children to socialize during meals, but students are also taught table manners, etiquette and the social graces of eating in public.

Religious Education

IBP does not discriminate on basis of religion or gender. We have students from different faiths studying at the school, and religious practices and requirements of all faiths are respected.
Ba-Jamat Namaz-e-Zohar is offered by our Muslim students. The children are taught to do wazoo and to offer their prayers on a daily basis. Different Ayats are also taught.

Van Facilities

We have our own fleet of vans and buses and our own drivers. Each van has a teacher and an attendant to look after the needs of students during travel to and from school.

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