School for Slow Learners program is structured to develop academic skills and abilities so that children can be reintegrated into mainstream schools. The school offers a program where in students progress at their own rate and abilities.


Our students learn and practice English as a means of everyday communication. Comprehension, creative writing, poems and plays form a part of the curriculum.


IBP makes Mathematics and numbers come alive with the use of special teaching materials, aids, games and models. Learning mathematical concepts is made easy, interesting & fun.


Being our national language, Urdu is given due importance in the curriculum. Students are taught to read & enjoy all types of books, magazines, newspapers and to be able to express their thoughts & feelings through written expression


General Knowledge

Through General Knowledge studies our students gain hands on knowledge about a wide range of subjects, including science, geography, botany, zoology, and current affairs.

Money Handling

Money handling focuses not only on the ability to handle money independently for purchase, but also in planning financial progress and goals. It includes the fundamentals of budgeting, banking, & financial responsibility

Computer skills

All our students are taught how to use a computer, as well as low to navigate different programs. In today’s tech dominated world, we want all our students to be able to complete with their peers in this skill.

IBP School for Slow Learners is a full day school from 8:15am. To 2:45pm.

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