School of Special Education functions on the premise that every student in our school is unique, with his own strengths and weaknesses, capabilities and potential. Therefore, each student in our school has his own Individual Education Plan based on his academic, social, emotional and physical requirements.

We strive to provide every student with effective learning and coping skills and to develop the self-confidence to take on new challenges and be able to lead as independent a life as possible. Students, who need the continued support of occupational, physical and speech therapies, or of behavior management, are also provided these services during school hours.

Our goal is to help students develop academic literacy in at least one language, as well as enough mathematical skills to be able to handle their personal finances. Together with this, their IEP also addresses six other daily living skills areas.

Cognitive Development

The development of all types of mental activities, and functions, including perception, attention, memory, imagery, developmental processes and problem solving.

Fine motor development

The development of skills involving the use of hands and fingers, manipulating them in a controlled fashion and using both hands cooperatively.


Gross motor development

The development of control over the larger muscles of the body, with special emphasis on developing muscle strength, energy, balance and poise.

Self-help skills

These include the skills necessary for independent functioning, such as feeding, toilet training, washing and dressing.


Personal & Social skills

Activities used to teach new skills and concepts that promote social behavior and interaction.

Language skills

Development of the ability to understand and use words and sentences in meaningful communication.


IBP School of Special Education is a full day school from 8:15am. To 2:45pm.


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