Sensory Integration Therapy

Sensory Integration Therapy helps individuals who are under or over stimulated to improve in their daily functions. It aims to adjust the way children respond to physical sensations.

Who would benefit
  • Children who have been diagnosed with ASD
  • Children who have sensory processing issues
  • Individuals diagnosed with ADHD
  • Individuals diagnosed with dyspraxia
  • Children who show signs of developmental delay
Our Focus

Our focus is to help children with sensory integration disorders to process sensory messages efficiently, and in a more ‘organized’ way. Our sensory integration room is specially designed to provide sensory stimulation for

  • Tactile sense through touch and textures
  • Auditory sense through soothing music
  • Visual sense through lights and movements
  • Vestibular sense through swings, slides, ramps and inclines
  • Proprioceptive sense through trampolines and ball pool
  • Olfactory sense through olfactory stimulation and aromatherapy

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