Speech & Language Therapy

We offer personalized and effective speech and language therapy services to individuals of all ages. Our goal is to facilitate success in each individual’s ability to communicate. Our multi-sensory sound labs include vibrating floors, luma sound lights, digital percussion equipment, as well as specialized computer programs for building language and communication skills.

Who would benefit
  • Children with speech and language delay, physical or mental handicaps.
  • Individuals with developmental disorders as well as acquired conditions.
  • Individuals with neurological insults, e.g. stroke.
  • Individuals with hearing impairments, voice disorders and fluency problems, like stammering.
  • Individuals with auditory processing disorders.
  • Individuals with oral motor coordination difficulty.
Our focus:

Our focus is to make a lasting contribution to the well-being of individuals with speech/language problems, assisting them in their ability to communicate. Speech and Language Therapy is often multifaceted, involving language stimulation as well as the production of speech.
Most speech/language therapy plans focus on improving some combination of the following skill areas

  • Auditory perception
  • Auditory memory
  • Motor Planning
  • Understanding language
  • Formulating sounds, words, syntax and grammar
  • Listening skills
  • Fluency
  • Voice quality

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